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Here you can view my old and recent work, and peruse comprehensive listings of my art prints, both lithographic and giclee reproductions.

The sheer volume and scope of my artwork over the years means only a portion is presented here, mostly works from more recent years. To make some sense of the range and diversity of the aviation artwork I have produced for various military units, aerospace companies, airlines, galleries and individuals I have tried to separate them into broad categories in the lists below

I am uploading images of some old one-off commissions into the "Originals" page as they provide a background to my present work Some of the images immediately available are not of the best quality. My apologies. Those will be replaced as better photos are found. Other images of my artwork are accessible in other websites in the "Links" page. Newly completed work used to be announced in the "News" page but I have started posting them here in the Gallery.

I have not resisted including here examples of my non-aviation work, some of which go back to my hobby/student days. These comprise examples from Marine, Motoring, Portrait, Wildlife and Animal work. Discerning viewers may be able to see in them the roots of my approach to painting today.

Thank you for your patience while this non-computerwise painter tries his best to update and upgrade parts of this imperfect website. In between time at the easel!

If you come across any broken links please be so kind as to alert me. With the large number of images it is not possible to keep track of them all.

My prints are produced using either the traditional, analogue lithograph process or the newer digital giclee process.

For a comprehensive display of my litho prints, please click on the titles in the lists below. Please note I have years ago ceased my connections with the eHangar and Avcollect websites, so it remains to be seen how much longer my old work continues to be displayed there. Do not contact those sites for my work. Also, my later work will obviously not be featured on those websites.

A comprehensive display of my giclee prints and information for each can also be viewed using the table below.

A common obstacle to viewing art images properly over the web, in particular their colours, is our very variable screen settings. The differences can be shocking. Unfortunately there's no practical way to configure all our computer screens to set standards, but one worthwhile check is to see that they are at least displaying images in their correct proportions. They often do not! Needless to say, this is important with viewing an exacting subject like aviation. Click on to this circular image. If it looks oval, you know your settings are off and presenting you with a distorted picture.Whether you can easily readjust your screen is another matter. Let me know if you succeed in doing so!

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Miscellaneous   Giclee Originals
Wildlife/Animals Litho Giclee Originals
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New and Recent Work

I have decided to start posting my most recent paintings here in the Gallery. For the time being there are still older postings in the News page.

Red Tails over Alabama

Spitfires of The Mighty 8th

Night Attack

Blue Water Force

Legends of The Lochs

Merlins over The Needles


Fire over The Antarctic

The Eagle Heritage

Mad Hatters over Raqqa

Stealth Arrives in the North

The Bulls Celebrate

Arrival on Ascension

100 Years at RAF Henlow

Desert Storm, Night One

Deja Vu

New Guardian over The Fjords

Operation Inherent Resolve

The Capital Guardians

Merlin replaces Sea King in the North

"Victory by Valor"

Tornados over White Sands

Atlas and Hercules

Full Tilt

Once a Hornet, Always a Hornet

En un lugar de la Mancha

Audax Omnia Perpeti

Seek and Destroy

Storm over Loch Ness

Rocketeers over Syria


Longbow Force

East of Suez

XI Squadron Centenary

XV Squadron Centenary

XIII Squadron Centenary

Proud Heritage

Testing Times

Extending The Force


In The Shadow of Lion Rock

Overlord Rising

Crossing The Red

Fightin' Eagles...Then and Now

Combat Air Support, Kunar Valley

Spangdahlem's 60th

....But Not Forgotten

Highland Encounter

Somewhere Off Korea

Catching Blackbirds

The Sun Sets on The Panthers

Reflecting on 70 Years

Tigers over Redfish

Boelcke's Bombers

Radfan Launch

Operation Odyssey Dawn

Eagle Legacy

The Eyes of the Night

The 37th.....Yesterday and Today

Monsoon Incoming

....And Another One!

Morning Glory

Going Home

Sunset on The Seventh

Action at The Muthanna Bridge

Baggers over Helmand

Dragonwhales At Sea

Shadow Over Central Asia

Farewell to The" Limousin"

Home to "The Fighting C"

Two Merlins to One

Merlins over Hatfield

On The Final Frontier

Another Day at Kandahar

Search and Rescue

Raid on Haji Amir

The Two-Circle Fight

Thunder Over Walhalla

Fueling The Fight

The End of An Era

Return of The Lancers

The Mighty Hunters

Alert Launch

Mission Over Afghanistan

Air Show!

Bob's Babes....And The Horse

The Chase Is On!

Rendez-vous at Saddam's Palace


Anniversary at Wittering

Cumulus Britannicus

Desert Lightning