The X-Prize

Flying High

Some notable events of recent years

HM The Queen's Silver Jubilee Commemorated
I present a very big painting to the Royal Navy, and a great party was had by all........

A Celebration of Air Power
100th Anniversary of Powered Flight celebrated at the USAF Museum, Dayton with a prestigious exhibition of the best in aviation art.

From Fast Jets to First Principles
Flying with the Royal Navy Black Hawks, and then in a 1911 Wright Flyer!

Tornado Alley awarded
I win the Roy NockoldsTrophy(again) at the Guild's 2004 London Show.

40 Degrees South featured in book
My painting adorns a best-selling book on the Black Buck Operations of the Falklands War.

Typhoon Imminent awarded
I win the Messier-Dowty Trophy at the Guild's 2006 Show.

The Weichow Incident
Researching and painting a forgotten incident in the East.

American Summer
Flying with the USAF T-38s at Randolph AFB, and painting Operation Homecoming.

Lunch At The Royal Air Force Club
I attend the RAF Club in Piccadilly, London, for the unveiling and hanging of my painting Out of Kandahar.

Messier-Dowty Trophy 2009
My painting Synchro Pair is "highly commended" runner-up for the award at the Guild Annual Exhibition in London.

Windsor& Newton Award 2009
My painting MiG Alley Blues gains the award at the ASAA Exhibition in Savannah, Georgia.The painting was submitted by its owner, Gen. Michael DeArmond USAF(ret).

Nose Art: The Year of the Tiger
Painting Heavy Metal

Help For Heroes 2010
In coordination with the chaps at RAF Kinloss my painting The Mighty Hunters and prints derived from it were used to raise funds for the worthy charity. The target figure was £15,000. We topped £17,500 in the end. The painting itself was bought by the RAF Club in London.

And now... Cover Art
Painting covers for the RAF Yearbook. A challenge every time.

Mission Accomplished!
The Final Flight of the Space Shuttle "Endeavour": celebrating NASA's Shuttle Programme.

617 Squadron Dambusters Anniversary 2013
I undertake the painting commission from the famous RAF Squadron for their 70th Anniversary and get to apply an unusual approach.

Operation Fortis 2021
The latest commission from 617 Squadron is another challenging one and involves their deployment to the Indo-Pacific with their new F35 Lightnings.


Up Front

Your thoughtful painter.......

Controversy in Canada

Challenging sacred cows causes me some problems.

The Paradox of Reality

Some more thinking beyond the paintbox.

Hopeful Monsters?

Towards a Kama Sutra of picture framing?

What's New?

Myths and realities about artistic innovation.

Taking the Spin out of that Prop

More on that old chestnut, painting the propeller

The Art of Flight: Flying Machines Flying!

A Response to "Painting En Plein Air", etc.

A Guild Controversy

A Response to the question of Prints

What is Aviation Art?

A response to Eric Mitchells’ brave article What is Aviation Art? (AerialViews,Vol 17,#3, Aug 2012).



Ron at Work

New Work

A selection of recently completed paintings.........

Operation Migration

Last of The Mighty Varks

Lakenheath Days

The Texas Air Force

Close Air Support in Afghanistan

Crusaders' First Flight

Spirits of Edwards: The Legacy

Out of Kandahar

The Gunfighter Heritage

Return of The Bear

Spitfire Spyplane

Fire at Dawn

Down Over Korea

Gulfstream Glory

Eagle One

Roving Linebackers

Fly Navy 100

Synchro Pair

The Rafale Upgrades

Wings over The Grand Canyon

The USAF Weapons School at 60

* Further New Work will now be posted in the Gallery page.

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